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With a background in international business and business law, Angelico Fajardo is an intelligent and resourceful professional with strong real estate skills. In her years working in import/export, she also routinely found herself engaged in real estate discussions and opportunities, and found the allure of the business very appealing.

For people buying or seling real estate. it is often an emotional decision, she explains." And it should be emotional for those who hove lived there or will live there in the future. But it's also why having a smart business-minded ogent on your side is so important, I believe thot's the greatest advantage I give my clients." Indeed, one of Angelico's many tolents is a neutral eye for evaluating business transactions, o discipline she acquired in the pursult of her moster's degree and law degree.

This business philosophy has been a cornerstone of Angelica's career since the beginning. It is the secret to how she has successfully helped numerous high-profile clients achieve their import/export goals, and how she intends to continue to serve o discerning real estate clientele going forward, In real estate, Angelica's efforts are focused on South Florida's most promising new neighborhoods.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Angelica received her undergraduate degree through on HOLA-affiliated international college. She then earned her master's degree in Business Law from Our Lady of the Rosary University, in Colombia, and then her Law Degree from the Catholic University of Colombia. She also spends time studying business techniques, social media, and other technologies as part of her personal drive to be the best at what she does.
Angelica is a native Spanish speaker, and also has excellent English communication skills.

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